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Who I Am

My name is Patrick Spadaccino. I'm a web designer for a large company in Connecticut, and I enjoy designing so much, I also do it my spare time. I have also lots of other hobbies, like reading, photography, playing computer games, writing (in fact, I've written two novels and published one of them), and several outdoor sports like golf and softball.

I also love to sing, play the piano and act. In fact, my first play was in kindergarten and I actually directed that one. I recruited my teacher to play the part of the skeleton, and she promptly sent a note home to my Mom, but we'll leave the rest of that story for another day.

I've always enjoyed being part of a dramatic ensemble. It's very satisfying to be involved with a group of people who have one common goal—to put on a great show. Along the way, you work hard, you form these deep bonds with the cast and crew, and at show time, it's a blast to take the audience on a journey.

I'm married and after almost 17 years, my wife Natalie and I are still in love and we have a great time together.

So, that's a little bit about me. But you might also want to know why I love The Hobbit so much and learn more about why I created this website. For that, check out the other videos.