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Why I Created this Website

So, if you've watched the video about why I love The Hobbit so much, you know something about what the story means to me.

But, you may still be thinking, well, lots of people love The Hobbit. However, not everyone puts on Orc makeup and creates a website on the incredibly slim chance that Sir Peter Jackson might have a spare moment to visit the site and, while we're talking about miracles, that he'll then contact me to begin casting negotiations!

Well, I believe in the unlikely and the impossible. I created these videos and this website basically as a way of saying, I'd love to play even the smallest role in these movies. I've never done anything like this before because, quite frankly, I'm not this passionate about any other fiction.

And whether or not Peter Jackson ever visits this site, I also wanted a way to express my love for The Hobbit and my gratitude that this book is finally being translated into not one but two movies.

I'd love to participate in the film versions of The Hobbit not only because I love the story, but because the way Peter Jackson and his team brought The Lord of the Rings to life was simply brilliant.

That story, told in that way, has such immense power. My wife and I watch it every year without fail, and it has the same freshness, the same impact, that it had the very first time we watched it. And we watch the Extended Editions, so we're talking about a time commitment of almost 12 hours. And when it's done, we want more!

So, Sir Peter, if you're watching, I can do a lot more than act like an Orc!

Let's see...I've been a janitor, I've worked in a kennel, I've worked in a funeral home; I've been a waiter, a florist, a schoolteacher, and a security guard; I've been a radio producer and DJ; I've done a lot of stage work, standup comedy and a little TV.

But when you distill all that down, I love to work hard and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. I love to inspire and amuse the people I work with, and I'd bring my passion for The Hobbit and for the process of translating that story to the big screen.